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Pop Soul vibes

A first solo album in preparation for

It was in Pikine, on the outskirts of Dakar, that was bornYaya Minte, this singer landed in France at the age of 8.

From his early years, he kept an unusual phrasing, weaned from the lullabies hummed to him by his grandmother. The teenager will add the influence of Soul fathers, like Prince and AAron Neville, everything that will make the grain of his voice, capable of climbing in the treble as well as plunging into the bass.

became a young adult,Yaya Minte develops this style by performing in the streets of Paris. Until he crossed paths with Think Zik!.

Imany entrusts him with the first parts of his Olympia and Casino de Paris, revealing his deep desire to reach his audience with positive messages.




The universe ofYaya Minte between soul and pop, led by a voice so singular as his, directly touches the heart and the soul.

It is now time to perfect this diamond that is his song.Yaya Minte will release his first solo album on CD, vinyl and digital in 2023.

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